AKL DECOR FURNITURE is a creator of exceptional interiors, specialized in the design and making of classical and neo-classical furniture.

AKL DECOR offers a wide collection of furniture, textiles, curtains, and chandeliers. We also provide professional advice for the design of your interiors, through a highly qualified team of interior designers, experts and artisans.

Our unique style is a blend of art, creativity and know-how, a sophisticated mix of classicism and modernity, tradition and innovation. Indeed, we have managed to redefine the concept of luxury in the furniture as we believe that every product is a piece of art.

Our main philosophy is to create every single time a unique piece, irreproducible, to cater to the personal taste of anyone who is not found of the idea of mass production.

Carefully hand -made, we only use the finest materials in the creation of our furnishings; we pay great attention to the smallest details and respect the traditional techniques of furniture crafting. Whether it is hand carving, cutting of bronze, designing ornaments and marquetery, using luxurious fabrics and textiles, we always guarantee the highest quality.

Our workshops and factories are equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies while our skilled artisans meticulously add their talents and sensibility to create an outstanding product.

AKL DECOR was founded in 1967 by Georges AKL. First established in Hazmieh, Lebanon, it didn’t take long before AKL DECOR becomes one of the leading company in furniture and craftsmanship in Lebanon and the Middle East and a benchmark in elegance and luxury furnishings for the most refined customers.

Indeed, our client portfolio includes customers from various countries and cultural backgrounds, covering the Arab region, North America, Africa, Australia and Europe. Our clients have consulted us in the design of their private or business enterprises: Palaces, villas, residential apartments, hotels, restaurants and many other settings- we are proud to have helped transformed each of them into enchanting places reflecting elegance and refinement.


Thanks to our high spirited team of experts, to our continuous quest to perfect our techniques and widen our knowledge, to the use of the best materials in the most efficient way, to our long craft history, to our skilled artisans, to the sophistication of details, and mostly to the trust you have invested in us, we have been able to please satisfy your every desire.

Exclusive pieces that transcend time and space, elegance that you can pass on from generation to another…You are definitely in the right place

Welcome to AKL DECOR